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Men Modal Boxer Shorts

Men Modal Boxer Shorts

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This boxer provides you everything you need at beneath; comfort, confident, quality.

Feel the silky soft texture with rich modal mixture.

Brushed cotton never leads it to lint, fade or shrink after multiple wash.

3 cm Elastane soft waistband with brand name on it.

Double layered pouch

100% user satisfaction

Money back guaranteed

Comes in original sealed pack

Fastest Delivery

Safely packed in its original sealed package.

47% Cotton, 47% Modal, 6%Elastane

Modal fabric is naturally soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological made from beech tree pulp that is used primarily for clothing, such as underwear and pajamas, and household items, like bed sheets and towels. Modal is a form of rayon, another plant-based textile, though it is more durable, smooth, soft, breathable and flexible than the standard version. Modal is often blended with other fibers like cotton and spandex for added strength. Modal is considered a luxurious textile thanks its soft feel as silk but high cost, as it is more expensive than either cotton or viscose. It is also absorbent and less likely to shrink or fade.

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